Building T, Neckarbogen

Tubingen, DE

The seven-floor, square-shaped residential tower is located in the center of the new residential park "Neckarbogen" located at the banks of the nearby river in Tubingen. Generously sized windows alternate with large wall slabs, creating a calm and yet lovely facade. Circumferential bands accommodate awnings and blinds and expand to the corners to the offset balconies.

Despite the high amount of glass, the exterior walls still comply with the 70 KfW insulating standard. The ceilings are made of filigree composite steel columns in the facade area as well as the airy, round staircase tower in the center. This achieves the highest degree of flexibility – with customized apartments at various levels.

IBV Immobilien- und Beteiligungsverwaltung GmbH

2,170 m2

Completed 2016