Operational building waste-water treatment plant in Munich

Munich, DE

The construction volume of the central operational building of the waste-water treatment plant in Munich (MSE) located on the Schleißheimer Straße amounts to approx. 6.100 m2 floor space. It is divided into an office area, a social area with common room and dressing rooms, metal workshops, company housing, interior and exterior storage facilities as well as garages and parking spaces for car- to truck-sized vehicles.

A simple building with high recognition value will be facing the Schleißheimer Straße. The green wall on the eastern facade alters its appearance with the changing seasons. The new build caters to the need for different heights for the individual functional areas with wave-like transitions in the roof, which is a continuance of the biotope, covering the building like a green carpet.

Münchner Stadtentwässerung, Landeshauptstadt München (Regional Capital Munich)

9,378 m2