Kigali Convention Complex

Kigali, RW

The Kigali Convention Complex has been opened after more than seven years constrution time by Rwanda’s president Paul Kagame on behalf oft he African Union Summit on July 8, 2016. KCC is the most important project in Rwanda on its way to becoming a modern service hub in eastern Africa. The three fundamental functional units are embedded in one campus, which in turn is surrounded by a park landscape.

The convention hotel and the IT-Office Park flank the central convention center. The continuous platform, which connects the IT-Office Park (actually still unbuilt) and the convention center serves as a market place and meeting point for the country's inhabitants. The extremely filigree spiral-shaped cupola is built in the tradition of circular architecture and with its hillside position, is not just a landmark for Kigali but for the entire country of Rwanda. The entire site also serves as a benchmark for sustainable construction in tropical regions.

Ultimate Concepts Ltd.

12.6 ha

Hotel and Center completed