Munich - Neuperlach, DE

Based on the concept for the competition, a neighborhood center will be created for the satellite town Neuperlach-Süd on the outskirts of Munich (100,000 residents). The guiding principle is to create an identity promoting space with appeal and atmosphere. This resulted in a group of buildings that opens to one side, letting visitors into the interior and also offers an oasis of tranquility with its generous green open spaces.

The combination of civic institutions (e.g. library, adult education center, event halls), apartments, offices, hotels (ground floor is the entrance areas to the subway) and the market place creates a lively, urban atmosphere. Unlike the heterogeneous surrounding buildings, all buildings follow a uniform height development, with the exception of the high-rise building.

Within the scope of putting up the development plan for the site, Spacial Solutions plans the first stage of construction of the housing buildings including approx. 180 accommodation units for BHB Bauträger GmbH, the main investor.

Landeshauptstadt München (Regional capital Munich), BHB Bauträger GmbH Bayern

3.9 ha

Preparation of a development plan, 2016
Competition, 1st place, 2010