STIHL development center

Waiblingen, DE

The six-storey block was opened on 4th March 2016; together with the new production logistics building, it forms the extension of the machine tool manufacturer's development centre, established in 2004 in Waiblingen-Neustadt. The building project was based on a master plan, also compiled by Spacial Solutions, for the restructuring and development of the company premises.

The new development centre accommodates more than 300 employees over an area of 12,600 m². The complex layout comprises laboratories, electrical testing facilities, workshops, office and conference rooms, and the central logistics department, which also serves the existing building. The new building also houses the new multifunctional dining room of the works canteen. This seats 500 people and can also be configured to serve as an events room.
It is connected to the existing building through the first basement floor, where the incoming goods entrance, logistics and storage facilities are housed.

Stihl AG & Co. KG

12,000 m²