City of Reutlingen urban ideas competition

Four different quarters with a total of 909 Apartments combine to form a recognizable whole: To the south the striking slate hump with its characteristic terraces and a mix of courtyard houses and 'towers', all enjoying the wonderful view of the striking Reutlingen 'Burgberge'. A crescent-shaped building protects against the noise of the passing city motorway.

Then follows the Justinus-Kerner-Straße quarter which is developing into an urban square. Interrupted by the Sickenhäuser Straße/Gellertstraße quarter, already under construction around various courtyards, the entire complex in the northeast closes the Sickenhäuser Straße/Irtenbach quarter. Four fingers fan down from the green hill to a lake fed by the stream.

The aim for all three planned neighbourhoods is to minimise the dominance of the car in favour of quality outdoor spaces and to create identity-strong neighbourhoods with a mix of uses and social confluence.

Reutlingen, DE

City of Reutlingen, Reutlingen (DE)

10,8 ha

Competition, 2018