An African Way

Engineering a Vision

The making of: A compilation of interviews (video: © by jangled nerves, Stuttgart) containing the key players of the planning team which has been filmed in 2009 on occasion of the exhibition "An African Way" at the Munich Architecture Gallery. These interviews project a profound insight of the vision and challenges of the Kigali Convention Complex, Rwanda.

Chronological order of appearance: Jonas Widmaier (Spacial Solutions GmbH, architecture), Ralf P. Knobloch (plan2plus, interior), Prof. Roland Dieterle (Spacial Solutions GmbH, architecture), Prof. Thomas Hundt (jangled nerves gmbh, museum concept and design), Oswin Nikolaus (Lichtgestaltung Nikolaus, light design), Volker Liebig (Müller-BBM, Bauphysik), Rainer Fuchs (R+R Fuchs Ingenieurbüro für Fassadengestaltung GmbH, facade), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jan Knippers (Knippers Helbig GmbH, engeneering), Gunhild Brandhoff (Brandhoff Voss Landschaftsarchitekten, landscape), Ian William Grubb (Flatow&Drews Consulting GmbH & Co. KG, kitchen planning), Prof. Dr. h.c. Ruedi Baur (integral ruedi baur zurich gmbh, communication design)