The design philosophy of Spacial Solutions is based on the emphasis of creativity and innovation – irrespective of whether artistic form or complex functionality is required by the project. We think in large dimensions in order to present to our clients all possibilities and options.

In the development of our architecture, we are guided by the principle of coherence: from the initial idea to the final design, the entire design process is characterized by context sensibility and an openness toward emblematic design. In this process, topographic, climatic and cultural particularities of the locality are assessed and transferred into functional solution approaches. Utility and aesthetic perception interact in order to ensure sustainable identification with the product.

Master planning

For Spacial Solutions, master planning is a key instrument for the successful development of projects in conformity with business objectives.

This approach is equally applicable to individual projects of a smaller magnitude as well as for large-scale urban development projects – both of which we are comprehensively experienced in.

The master plan conveys a clear picture:

  • the vision of an undertaking in its entirety
  • the property concept and the steps involved in its realization
  • the functions of a plot as a whole and the individual zones

Project management

Besides achieving the ideal balance between quality, costs and design, we see project management as "design for best value". Project teams are compiled early on in the process and are made up of a pool of experts that has grown continuously over the years in order to ensure the effective and target-oriented handling of your project.

Based on the IPDM method developed by Prof. Dieterle for Siemens Industrial Building Consultants (SIBC) (also see: "Design und Management aus einer Hand" (PDF)) our project teams interact with clients, investors and users as partners on the basis of collectively defined targets. For us, it therefore goes without saying that quality management is just as much integrated into the process as contract and cost management with regard to the entire lifecycle and the optimization of the relationship between investments and lifecycle costs. We also support our clients in finding investors, as well as in their business planning and marketing processes.